Maribeth is an accomplished fiber artist, quilting instructor, author and NQA Certified Quilt Judge.

Offering a variety of quil Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Florida, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Tennessee, Texas, North and South Carolina, Arkansas, Asia and Europe.   Her art quilts have been exhibited in museums, national shows and fine art galleries.

  • Maribeth has been judging since 2004 and has evaluated over 18,000 show entries. She is well-versed in evaluating any machine or hand wrought pieces as well as traditional and art quilts.

  • Maribeth is qualified to evaluate NACQJ Masterpiece Quilts and  is on the faculty of qualified instructors for the “NACQJ Two-Day Introduction to Judging Seminar.”  

  • Maribeth has served as:

    Treasurer for the Wisconsin Quilt Study Group

    Communications Chair for the National Association of Certified Quilt Judges

    Documentation Chair at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts

    Correspondent Docent with the DAR Museum, Washington D.C.

    Director on the Board of Wisconsin Quilters, Inc.

    Director on the Board of the Wisconsin Quilt History Project