Charities that are supported by our Guilds:

7 sisters charities newThe Seven Sister Guilds support a variety of charities in the Jacksonville area including:

4H of St. Augustine

Ethopian Orphanage Project

Quilts of Valor

Agriculture Center Master Gardeners

Friends of the Orange Park Library

Safe Animal Shelter

Arlington Community Services

Haven Hospice

Safe Harbor

Arlington Masonic Lodge 309

Hart Felt Ministries

Salzberger Homeless Center

Baptist Medical Center

HeartStrings Quilt Project

Seamark Ranch

Baptist Beaches Hospital

Home of the Brave

Sherriff’s Department


 Hubbard House

 K-9 's for Warriors

Betty Griffin House

I.M. Sulzbacher

Shriner’s Children’s Hospital

Busom Buddies

Linus Foundation 

Wolfson's Childrens "Me Doll"

Cancer Research Institute

Mandarin Food Bank

St. Andrews Lighthouse

Challenge Enterprises of NE Florida 

Mandarin Meals on Wheels

St. Catherine’s Laboure Manor

Community Hospice  

Million Pillowcase Challenge

St. Francis House

Ryan's Case For Smiles

Modern Woodmen of America

The Donna Hicken Foundation

Daniel Kids Foundation

Neptune Beach Senior Center

Veterans Hospital

Daniel, Inc.

Operation Care Package

Woodmen of the World

Dreams Come True

Quigley House

Wounded Warriors

Quilts of Valor

Quilts of ValorIn 2003, Catherine Roberts of Seaford, Delaware, started the Quilts of Valor Foundation when her son and his 630th MP Company were being deployed from Germany to Iraq for one year. She was thrown into a group of other Americans who send their loved one into harm’s way. She started the group by appealing to both quilt-toppers and long-arm quilters to volunteer their fabric, their talents and time to make wartime quilts of valor that would comfort our wounded. Presently, Quilts of Valor has delivered over 142,000 quilts. They are one of many groups of quilters that make quilts to comfort our wounded and the families who have lost their loved one in this war on terror.The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover ALL war wounded and injured service members and veterans from the War on Terror, whether physical or psychological wounds, with wartime quilts.  Or as a six year old put it, "When the 'sholders' are 'warring' and they come home and are hurt, the quilt makes them feel all comfy."  Visit their website at


QuiltFestinfoThe QuiltFest Table

The QuiltFest Table is the headquarters for Lost and Found, announcements, Show pins, DVD’s of the Show, tote bags and Challenge kits. This year Quiltfest will acecpt credit cards for purchase of items at the information table.square

guilds2Guild Tables

Each of the Seven Sister guilds has a table where you can get information about the guild and purchase raffle tickets for that guild's opportunity quilt (displayed behind their table). Drawings will be held on Saturday afternoon. You do not have to be present to win.

Quilt Appraisal

Brenda Grampsas will be available at the show to appraise both new and old quilts. Brenda is an American Quilter’s Society Certified Appraiser of quilts and quilted textiles, certified in 2005. This certification was obtained following several years of study, mentoring by a certified appraiser, and passing a rigorous testing processing which included written and verbal exams.  She is a member of the Professional Association of Appraisers of Quilted Textiles.

Brenda is also a quilt maker, and this is a huge plus when appraising the work of others.Needle turn applique is her favorite method of creating a new quilt. However, she never met a quilt she didn’t like and enjoys mixing pieced, applique and embroidery techniques to create quilts! Scrappy quilts are among her favorites because of her passion for fabric.

Her sewing past includes award-winning clothing construction and tailoring. She spent many summers teaching kids to quilt at Christian Outreach Center in Largo, Florida, where she and her husband, John, served as Founders and Directors before retirement. She is a member of American Quilter’s Society, The Applique Society and is an active member of a local quilt guild “Hidden Stiches” in Largo.  Brenda also founded “For His Glory Stitchers” quilt group at her church in Brooksville.

Brenda has a special interest in antique quilts and has had the privilege of documenting the quilt collections of Heritage Village, Largo, Florida and the St. Petersburg Museum of History. Brenda also does restoration of quilts and finds there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the stitching she would like. “So many quilts - both new construction and restoration, so little time!” Educating others is accomplished with lectures and trunk shows that showcase many quilts from Brenda’s private collection.

You may visit Brenda's website at

Sit and Sew

Is there a young wanna be quilter in your life? Bring them over to the Kids’ Corner where they can learn the basics of using a sewing machine and complete a small quilting project to carry home. Each kid receives individual instruction.

Sit and sew for a while and help us work on a special project. In previous years we have made ditty bags for soldiers, squares which were later made into quilts, and pillowcases. The past few years we have supported Ryan's Case For Smiles, whose goal is to provide children with cheery pillowcases to brighten their hospital stay. In the past Ryan's Case has delivered more than 1.7 million pillowcases throughout the country. In addition, volunteers visit hospitals to sew with the children, breaking up the monotony of long, frightening hospital stays.

Another great project you can help with is Me Dolls, simple muslin dolls given to the patients in Tampa Shriners Childrens Hospital and other children's hospitals. The dolls are made without facial features or clothes because they have a special role. Each child who receives a doll can use a fabric pen to draw a face on it. Then the child’s doctor uses the doll to explain what type of surgery or treatment the child will receive, drawing on the doll to illustrate. You can help by stuffing dolls.

silent auction.

Don't miss these tiny quilts which are less than 24 inches on each side. Miniature quilts, wall hangings and doll quilts are included. Bidding continues through the show until Saturday afternoon when the winning bids are announced. You do not have to be present to win.

quitters walk.

Quilters Walk is an opportunity to win a beautiful basket of quilting goodies. Small quilts and other quilt-related prizes may also be included. Vendors, quilt guilds and individuals have donated these items. All you have to do is purchase tickets and place them in the containers in front of the baskets. Tickets are 50 for $5.00. Are there several that you like? Put a few tickets in each container. See one you really want? Put all your tickets in the container in front of that one. It’s your choice. Drawings are held Saturday afternoon. You do not have to be present to win.

Quilt Sale Booth.

Does your love for quilts exceed your ability to make them? The Quilt Sale booth has quilts and other quilted items made by people whose ability to make them exceeds their ability to store them. You might also find unfinished blocks or quilt tops. We now accept credit cards for the purchases of quilts and other items from the Quilt Sale Table.

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