These are general rules. See the registration form for more specifics.

REGISTERING YOUR QUILT – You must submit one completed registration form per entry including Challenge and Young Quiltmaker categories (form may be photocopied or downloaded). No telephone registration will be accepted.

All quilts will be registered under the name of the person who signs at the bottom of the form. Your quilt will not be accepted for the show unless the “HOLD HARMLESS” agreement has been signed and dated, (see registration form).

FEES - There is a $18.00 fee per entry except for the QuiltFest Challenge and Young Quiltmakers categories. The entry fee for the Challenge is included in the price of the Challenge kit (you must still send in a registration form) and there is no entry fee for Young Quiltmakers. A young person may enter his/her quilt in another category, but the appropriate entry fee and rules for that category will apply. Entry fee for members of the seven supporting guilds is $15.00 per entry, all other rules apply.

Checks should be made out to QuiltFest, Inc. of Jacksonville and mailed with the registration form. Your registration fee(s) includes free admission to the show for the person entering the quilt. You should receive acknowledgement of the receipt of your registration form(s) within a week or two from the Registration Chair.

EXCLUSIONS – None of the following will be accepted. Any item previously entered in QuiltFest, Inc, preprinted panel blocks (except in Young Quiltmakers category), framed or frame-stabilized quilts (i.e. no rods or poles or stabilization devices sewn into sleeves or pockets attached to the quilt) mounted quilts, mass produced machine quilted entries, tied or non-quilted quilts (except other techniques and Young Quiltmakers), home fashions (i.e. pillows, rugs, tree skirts, table runners, appliance covers, etc.) Quilts must be void of any offensive odors (i.e. cigarette or pet odor). No antique quilts can be accepted.

SHIPPING – Shipped quilts will be accepted only between certain dates. Your pre-paid shipping label (preferred method) or check covering the cost of the return shipping and insurance made payable to QuiltFest Inc.of Jacksonville must accompany your quilt. Without this check, your quilt cannot be returned to you. (Please do not send your registration form with your quilt. It is due several weeks before you need to mail in your quilt.)

CHECK–IN - All hand–delivered entries must be checked in on the designated date in September, between the hours of 11 A.M. and 2 P.M. at one of the locations listed below. No hand delivered entries will be accepted before or after this date.

Argyle Church of Christ
7310 Collins Road
Jacksonville, FL 32244
904-502-9234  Cindy Brown
Corner of Collins and Rampart. Building entrance is located on Rampart.

Arlington Masonic Lodge
3421 University Blvd N
Jacksonville, FL 32277
904-502-7458  Maureen Reiter

First Christian Church
11924 San Jose Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32223
904-226-4140  June Daniels
South of Loretto Road on San Jose Blvd.

Pollard Construction
Moultrie Commons Plaza
3670 US 1 S, Suite 270
St. Augustine, FL 32086
904-377-4723  Frances Case

Neptune Beach Senior Activity Center  NOTE CHANGE OF ADDRESS!
450 Atlantic Boulevard
Neptune Beach, FL 32266
808-782-4506  Sue Hart

SLEEVE - This rule will be strickly enforced.
quiltbackAll quilts (with exception of miniatures which do not require a sleeve) must have a 4”sleeve at the top of the quilt. This sleeve must be hand stitched on the top and bottom of the sleeve with stitches not visible from the front. For large quilts, the top edge of the sleeve must be no more than 90” from the bottom of the quilt.

- Each quilt must have a fabric I.D. label with the owner’s name (as listed on the registration form) legibly printed or stitched and attached in the lower left hand corner on the back of the quilt. See diagram above. Any reference to the maker, whether on the front or back (including the I.D. label mentioned above), will be covered during the judging phase of QuiltFest.

BAG – Each quilt, including miniatures, is to be completely enclosed in a fabric bag no smaller than a standard size pillowcase that can be closed and EASILY tied at the top. If your entry is a large quilt, it must be in a fabric bag large enough to be EASILY closed and tied at the top. Your name and phone number must appear on the outside of the bag. Each entry must have its own bag. No mesh laundry bags, please. NOTE: For rolled rather than folded quilts, the pole may be no longer than 36". The pole must be flexible (no pvc pipe) and protrude no more than 2" at either end of the quilt.

CATEGORY - Please check the appropriate category on the entry form. If necessary, QuiltFest, Inc. reserves the right to move your quilt to the correct category during the take-in process or judging. If you are unsure about the category, please email or mail a photo of your quilt to the Registratioin Chair. Addressing issues ahead of time assures that your quilt is judged fairly and prevents frustration for you, the QuiltFest Board and the judge.

QUILT RETURN – All quilts must remain on display until the end of the show. There are no exceptions. Quilt pick-up will begin on the last day of the show, no earlier than 6 p.m. after the close of the show. Quilt owners are required to present their quilt owners receipt at the time of pick-up. All quilts not being shipped must be picked up at this time. All shipped entries will be returned to the quilt owner within 10 days after the end of QuiltFest.

If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact:

Kathryn Metzger
376 Summercove Circle
St. Augustine, FL 32086

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Due to IRS requitements, any entrant winning $600 or more will be required to provide a Social Security number for a 1099 Form before prize disbursement.


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